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Foursquare and Maps

Okay, so the folks at FlowingData.com pointed out Weeplaces, which is a Foursquare visualizer. Pretty cool. My map looks like this (zoom out so you at least can see Worcester and Smithfield, otherwise it just pings all over the place off map):

Neil Kelly’s Foursquare by WeePlaces.com.

I also just like looking at all my Foursquare checkins on a map sometimes – if you go to foursquare.com/feeds, you can get a KML version of your checkin locations. Copy that into a Google Maps search box and add “?count=500” (or adjust it to however many checkins you have) and it’ll display a Google Map with pushpins for each checkin.


I had a realization the other day. I’ve always thought of myself as a mapgeek and/or roadgeek. However, there’s another aspect of it – location geek. I like knowing where I am and where I was. I take my GPS everytime I’m going someplace new so I can add it to my map (and maybe someday I’ll share that map here). I count counties I’ve visited. I’m playing a game (ownthisworld.com) where you gain territory by going to places. I check in on Gowalla. I once went out to the CT-MA-RI tripoint just because it was there.

Yes, I like knowing “where” of things, especially me. I find it fascinating to know what other strangers have been to the place I’ve been – the way our paths cross without really realizing it (or being able to without them participating in the same way).

Google Maps Hybrid Mode

I already admit that I am a Google junkie. I think the company has yet to really fall flat on their face. I’m a full-out Gmail user, I use the personalized home page as my start page at work, and Google Maps is my favorite map site. They just made the maps even better though with a Hybrid Mode that lays a street grid over the satellite imagery. Go check it out. Via The Map Room