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I had a realization the other day. I’ve always thought of myself as a mapgeek and/or roadgeek. However, there’s another aspect of it – location geek. I like knowing where I am and where I was. I take my GPS everytime I’m going someplace new so I can add it to my map (and maybe someday I’ll share that map here). I count counties I’ve visited. I’m playing a game (ownthisworld.com) where you gain territory by going to places. I check in on Gowalla. I once went out to the CT-MA-RI tripoint just because it was there.

Yes, I like knowing “where” of things, especially me. I find it fascinating to know what other strangers have been to the place I’ve been – the way our paths cross without really realizing it (or being able to without them participating in the same way).

Truth in Advertising

So we stopped at the gas station on the way home tonight. This was the Shell at the intersection of Northeast Cutoff and Rt 70. I’m pumping the gas and notice there’s a sign flapping around above the pumps. It’s for Lowes.


(Yes, horrible picture. It’s cold and rainy.) It says “We’re closer than you think.” and below that it gives a location – the intersection of I-495 and MA 62. Which is all well and good, except that the closest Lowes is less than a mile away in the opposite direction, at Lincoln Plaza.

Not only are they closer than we think, they’re apparently closer than they think either.