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Yield To Vehicles Turning Right – Why Is This So Hard?

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Okay, this happens pretty frequently so I’m going to bitch about it… why are drivers headed north on Burncoat Street and turning left onto Mountain incapable of understanding that they need to yield the right of way to southbound vehicles turning right onto Mountain?

From the RMV handbook:

When making any left turn, you must first yield the right ­of­ way to any…

  • Oncoming vehicle
  • At least one out of every four times I go through there, the idiot turning left has already decided to go because the car in front of him is going.

    Of course, the whole area is a clusterf*ck anyways. Drivers on Mountain St routinely block the intersection with Burncoat. The folks who decide that they’re going to make two lanes of traffic, coupled with their competition who decides to block two lanes of traffic. The lights that aren’t synchronized, causing the aforementioned backups. The apparent randomness of the left-turn signal from Mountain St onto Rt 12 southbound. The people who think it’s a good idea to make a left from whatever-that-little-street-is-named just west of the bridge over the tracks. (Yes, I see Google calling it West Mountain St. Not buying it.)

    I think the Worcester Police Department could probably balance the city budget quite easily if they stationed an officer around there and wrote tickets for every violation they noted. Might want to bring a few extra ticket books for that.

    Truth in Advertising

    So we stopped at the gas station on the way home tonight. This was the Shell at the intersection of Northeast Cutoff and Rt 70. I’m pumping the gas and notice there’s a sign flapping around above the pumps. It’s for Lowes.


    (Yes, horrible picture. It’s cold and rainy.) It says “We’re closer than you think.” and below that it gives a location – the intersection of I-495 and MA 62. Which is all well and good, except that the closest Lowes is less than a mile away in the opposite direction, at Lincoln Plaza.

    Not only are they closer than we think, they’re apparently closer than they think either.