Artificial Words

And of course, using the word (and I use the term loosely) ‘ultimaticity’ in that last post brought me into thinking about other not-quite-words that I use. The biggest is of course automagically which I use to describe how computers do things that I don’t feel like explaining. Then there’s the two words from The Simpsons, cromulent and embiggens. Both of these ended up appearing in a spelling and abbreviation lookup tool that I wrote for my job, along with a third word – tuliszt. What’s tuliszt, you ask? Well… we decided it was a Greek herb, looks similar to oregano. The origin is when several coworkers ordered sandwiches for lunch. (To protect them, I won’t use real names, just initials.) They were all talking about how good their sandwiches were and what was in them. They asked J what was in her sandwich and she said there was “too much to list.” Well, H mishead and kept asking “what’s tuliszt?” (It works better if you say it aloud). And thus, tuliszt was born.

Google Maps Hybrid Mode

I already admit that I am a Google junkie. I think the company has yet to really fall flat on their face. I’m a full-out Gmail user, I use the personalized home page as my start page at work, and Google Maps is my favorite map site. They just made the maps even better though with a Hybrid Mode that lays a street grid over the satellite imagery. Go check it out. Via The Map Room

Even I know better…

Part of what I do at my job is write a little code. I admit, it’s VB 6 (not even the .NET stuff yet) and it’s probably horribly horribly nasty looking to anyone who actually knows what they’re doing. But it works, it gets the job done and I can fix it if things go awry.

That being said, I thin I know better than this.

(Originally found via The Daily WTF.)

My iPod creeps me out sometimes

This may be the ability of the human brain to recognize patterns where no pattern exists (see The Illuminatus Trilogy’s “Rule of 5” for another example), but I’ve noticed that sometimes my iPod acts smarter than it has any right to be. As an example, yesterday it played a bunch of songs in a row that were exactly what I was looking for at that time. Other times, it’ll choose a song which makes me think of another… which is the next song it plays. And then still other times, it’ll play a song but I’ll skip it because that isn’t the version I particularly wanted – so it plays another version next.

I know I’m not the only one to have noticed this.