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Interesting doings on the former employer front

So, of course, I’ve been keeping up (or trying to keep up) with what’s been going on with the remnants of The WANT ADvertiser.

First thing I found was a site claiming to be the new incarnation of The WANT ADvertiser but under a new name and look. It honestly looks like someone trying to take advantage of the situation by slapping up a craptastic quickie site. (And since I don’t think they actually bought the name from The WANT ADvertiser’s owners, I won’t link to them.) Suffice it to say, not using generic stock photos and… oh, I don’t know, maybe investing in a SPELL CHECKER? I know I’m not much of a typist but then again, I’m not trying to sell you something.

Much more interesting was what appeared in my search results today –, which came via an article in the T&G. The article indicates that there are 5 former Want Ad folks there – and in looking at the site, I’m pretty sure they do. There’s definitely a sameness to the look and feel. I wish them the best of luck.

My resume is a wasteland

Last week, my most recent former employer (The WANT ADvertiser) closed their doors. It was pretty obvious it was coming, which is why they became my former employer a month ago. And every time it happens, I think about the fact that, for new employers, checking my references is an exercise in frustration. I mean, let’s look at the list:

  • Bradlees – closed
  • Some cleaning company in New Milford – gone
  • Cablevision of New Milford – bought up in a series of mergers, I think it’s now part of Charter
  • Roy Rogers – my 3-day excursion into fast food. There’s still a few technically, but for all intents and purposes, they’re gone
  • Office Max – Okay, they’re still around.
  • Staples – The other survivor
  • Service Merchandise – was well into the descent when I got there. (Hint: if you fire someone for theft, don’t rehire them at Christmas. Just saying.)
  • Gateway Country Stores – I was part of their first layoff. Then they closed the stores and got bought up by Acer.

    And now The WANT AD. That was the closest – it was barely a month from when I left until they packed it up. I won’t go into my thoughts on what happened but suffice it to say, it could have been avoided.

    A few links to other people’s thoughts on their closing: