Month: June 2015

Collected Links for June 19, 2015

Cover versions | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
I'm especially in love with “The White Room” (no surprise there, eh?)

Hacking “Chutes and Ladders” | MetaFilter
The commentary on Metafilter is just as worthwhile as the article it links to.

Four Columbia House insiders explain the shady math behind “8 CDs for a penny” · Expert Witness · The A.V. Club

Another hacked site in the news..

LastPass Security Notice | The LastPass Blog

We want to notify our community that on Friday, our team discovered and blocked suspicious activity on our network.

And that's why I use 1Password. Ultimately, with LastPass they handle it all – one stop shopping. And one point of failure. With 1Password, you need to get access to my storage and then break into my 1Password file. It may not actually be more secure, but it sure feels like it is.

Froggy visitors

Frogs in our pool

I was hanging out tonight when I noticed a new sound. For the past week or so, we've had a lot of very loud, very romantically interested frogs in the neighborhood. This sounded louder and different. So I went out to investigate. It sounded like it was behind he pool. As I got closer to the pool, I realized it was in the pool. I looked around… Nothing. I finally turned the flashlight up under the edge and there they were. When I grabbed a bucket, they hopped right in.

Bella was less impressed with them. She went in for a sniff and was surprised to find that they could jump.