Month: May 2014

More fun with Charter Support

You know it’s good when you start with the virtual agent putting you on hold. 

Actually, 2 of the 3 support humans I talked to just now were good. Admittedly, it did take a half hour to resolve the problem, but that’s unsurprising. The third one (which was the front line and the first actual person I spoke with) well… let me back up.

Last night, we get into bed and turn on the TV. Message says our cable service has been disconnected, which is disconcerting as we pay our bills on time and the TV downstairs (the troublemaker with the cable card and tuning adapter) worked fine when we were down there. But, it’s late and I don’t want to deal with Charter so we watch some Hulu. 

I get home from work today, still not working. Call up after dinner and battle to get the automated system to understand me. Finally convince it to give up and get a human whose name I have forgotten. First she sends a hit, then she tries to pawn it off on a partial outage in the area. I play dumb and ask “What time do you show that outage having been reported?” (Kelly starts laughing at this point as she knows where I’m going.) 

“4 PM.”

“Okay,” says I. “It’s not that as we noticed the problem at 10:30 last night, so it can’t be the outage you’re seeing.” 

“Well, maybe the outage didn’t get reported right away.”

“Somehow, I doubt that an outage went unreported for nearly 20 hours.” Unsaid was “Why don’t you try another line?”

Apparently their reps aren’t used to be called on bullshit. She got rather flustered – I’ve never been thanked for “educating” a rep, which makes me think “thank you for that information” is the standard reply to anything they get told now. She did transfer me to another rep, who tried to recalibrate the box before passing me off to the third. 

She was able to see the problem right away – the cable box was inactive in their system. She reactivated it and all was well. Of course, me being the curious sort, asked how that would have happened. Turns out, the tuning adapter wasn’t properly noted in their system and something triggered in their system so it deactivated everything but the TA. I’m not completely sure that makes total sense, but both TVs are now working with all their channels, so I’ll let it go.