Something about the calendar changing over makes people want to review what happened and plan for the next one. Especially for having passed one of those big milestone birthdays.

It’s been an interesting year. +1 to the count of cats. Not much else changed in that regard. No other new additions to the family, no subtractions. So that’s good. Car continues its inevitable decline. Job is what it is. In some ways, it’s all a rut but in others, it’s okay. This time of my life isn’t about me so much as enjoying those around me. 

That being said, some things on my mind. 

More of this. More words. More content. I say it a lot, and then I claim that life overtakes it but honestly, I enjoy doing this typing activity and I just need to actually sit down and do it instead of dicking around. And maybe finally spending the time to make this more interesting and less of a link dumping ground.

And the counterpoint to that is more reading. I have a Kindle. I enjoy reading. I don’t do it enough.

More walking. I was good about it for a while, but then it got cold and I got lazy. Bella and I took a good walk today, so that’s a start. 

Less screwing around aimlessly. I tend to blow a lot of time dicking around online or watching TV that just fills time. That includes you, Facebook. I could be doing something more interesting. 

Things that I’m not worried about: life-work balance. I’ve made it pretty clear I’m not sacrificing time with my family for the workplace. If that’s to the detriment of my advancement, then I’m okay with it. I think we’re raising two pretty good kids, so I’m not going to worry much about parenting either. It could be better, but all in all, we’re doing okay.

This isn’t going to be a year of big changes, I think. Just little incremental ones that hopefully will make the next 12 months better.  

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