Month: January 2014

Changes and Milestones

Today my bathroom begins its transformation. Which means right now it’s less a bathroom and more of a unfinished closet. That’s okay because I know that the future state is better than both the current state and the past.

At the same time, we brought in 1300 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. 500 have gone out so far, so there’s hope that we will someday be able to reclaim the dining room.

And Erin got her ears pierced. No tears, no fuss. The girl is tough. Grace apparently nearly passed out just watching. I knew better, I stayed home.

I’m trying to do things better. I saw a number on the scale I didn’t see at all last year. Now i just have to try to keep on this track. Like all the above things, they are changes and they’re headed the right direction.