More Charter Joy

8:30 AM: Just got off the phone with another tech, who asked if we were having problems. No, I just enjoy calling you guys up and not getting anywhere. 

So this tech asks what the problem is – I explain it, again. “So the cable card isn’t the problem?” No, everyone on Charter’s side has said the cable card is most likely the problem. “So I should probably go get a cable card?” Yeah, probably a good idea. Tech says he didn’t even read the report. Suggested he grab a tuning adapter while he’s there too.

11:30 AM: The technician just left, after having spent 2 hours here. I’m not sure he’s the same one I talked to on the phone. However, in short, the problem could have been solved with the person on the phone the first time if they had just updated the Host ID like I suggested. Supposedly the escalation team is going to be contacting me. I am unbelievably unhappy with them at this point. Oh, and our on-demand was turned off at some point, and to turn it back on would force us to move to the new pricing tiers. 

3:00 PM: Spoke with the escalation team. She took notes, offered a credit, which I accepted. Turns out the person who didn’t update the host ID is the same one who turned off On Demand for us. And they can’t turn it back on without putting us on the new pricing… but the new pricing is more channels for less money. Still not particularly happy we went through all this when it could have been resolved in about 10 minutes. Thinking I might need to write a letter to the Department of Telecommunications and Cable. We’ll let that stew for a bit though. 

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