Month: June 2013

Dammit, Charter.

I was all kinds of excited to see that HBO Go was being pushed out to Apple TV. Finally, no more monkeying around with Airplay Mirroring from my iPhone. Download the update, open the channel, get the code, figure out the password for authenticating to HBO Go through Charter. Doesn’t work.

Reread the articles. Charter isn’t allowing their customers to use HBO Go on the Apple TV. (And no matter what they say, that’s what it comes down to – someone at Charter chose not to do it.) I’ve had my problems with Charter. Their cable card support is craptacular at best, they barely have any techs who know how to support it and they eliminated their Twitter support which was the only consistent way to get anything done. They teased us with the rollout of TiVo and then cancelled it saying they were working on something better – which as tar as I can tell is a total lie as they don’t talk about it at all anymore. And now they aren’t letting us get HBO Go on Apple TV because they “didn’t get the rights”? 

How did every other cable company that offers HBO Go manage to figure it out except you guys? I’d say I’m shocked but honestly, this is the level of incompetence I’ve come to expect from these idiots.