Month: April 2013

If you steal second safely the first time, don’t push your luck and do it again.

Jean Segura Stole Second Base, Then Got Caught Trying To Steal Second:

“he tried to steal third and wound up taking first instead.”

What is this… I don’t even… huh? Even watching the video makes very little sense. In short, he stole second, tried to steal third and ended up back at first, then got thrown out stealing second the second time. 

No, that doesn’t really help, does it. Just watch the video. 

The media and this week

It’s been an interesting week. Lots of ways I could go with the events in my favorite city, but one thing stuck out crystal clear.

I was flipping through twitter Monday afternoon when one of my friends posted from mile 24 (crowd, not running) asking if anyone knew where the explosions came from. Sinking feeling in my stomach. I turned to my browser. Didn’t go to the news sites, went to Metafilter first. Tweeted back the summary that made up that post. 

Over the next few hours, I looked at the big media sites – the four Boston stations and None of them were keeping up with the combo of Twitter and Metafilter. CNN was all over the place – the downside of having 24 hours to fill with news is that you need 24 hours of news, so damn near anything gets broadcast, it seems. I understand how CNN got there, but all it makes me think is next time I want coverage on a live story, CNN is last on the list. The Boston stations, while better, still weren’t giving a whole lot of what was going on – I found they averaged about 15 minutes behind.

Say what you like about the role social media played in this week’s events (and places like Reddit could be a whole separate chapter, really), but I think I know where I’m going for breaking big stories from now on. Big Media showed some pretty big cracks in the facade this week.

Please share – MBTA is shut down, Watertown is in lockdown.