Expansion of the List of Places We Probably Shouldn’t Go Out To Eat

Tonight we had another incident in which one of our kids threw up in a restaurant. Jokingly, we’ve got a running list of places where we’re theoretically not welcome back. In no particular order it includes:

Ruby Tuesday in Worcester

Panera in Milbury and Shrewsbury

Red Robin in Milbury

The 99 in downtown Worcester and Brattleboro, VT. 

I feel like there’s a Friendly’s that should be one there too, but given their recent issues it’s most likely closed anyways. 

The Brattleboro one was probably the worst. Food had just come. Threw up all over the booth. A line from the booth to the restroom. More outside the restaurant. Some in a plastic shopping back near the Hannaford in Brattleboro. And finally some more at a skating rink or bowling alley or something along Rt 2. 

Tonight’s was, realistically, not a big deal. A small bit on the floor. A bunch of clothes that are now in the wash. No second wave, just out and done. Still, though, it’s no fun waiting at the table for the waitress to come by so we can ask for boxes and check, knowing that Kelly is in the ladies room with Puke-ahontas. Kind of a buzzkill for the rest of the night. 

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