The Difficulty of Maintaining Christmas

It’s possible this may be the last year of Santa for Grace. We do the Elf on the Shelf, and there’s been a lot of logistics questions about how it all works. How does he get in, how does he get out, how does he get back to Santa, what does he do when it’s not Christmas. So far “it’s magic” has worked, but there’s only so long that we’re going to be able to use that. Combined with her inherent snoopiness, which has gotten her a peek at a few presents already – not sure she realizes it – and it’s going to get a lot tougher.

My parents had a rock-solid way to keep us from snooping. Part of their house was built as an addition, which meant that it had a completely seperate basement that could only be reached from outside the house. And it had separate locks on the doors, the keys to which were kept on a keychain on a nail near the door from the main basement to outside. Around this time of year, that keychain would disappear, thus keeping us out of that part of the basement and out of our presents. 

I think we’ll make it though this year. Next year I think Grace will figure out that Santa lives in the same house as her with a bedroom at the other end of the hall. 

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