Annoyed with both Twitter and Facebook

There’s two big dogs in the social arena today. The past month or so, both are doing things that annoy me. 

On the one hand, we have the behemoth Facebook. They seem to be out to figure out just how much they can annoy me before I give up. Privacy policy changes that are opt-out, making it intentionally difficult to figure out privacy settings. Recently it’s started to come out that they’re hiding posts their algorithm thinks would be uninteresting to me. Not just sponsored stuff either – posts from friends. So now I can’t tell if I’m seeing everything from all my friends. Actually, I can tell I’m not. The whole point of Facebook is to connect with friends and see what they’re doing. If they’re not actively trying to hide that, why even bother? 

Twitter, on the other hand, makes sure I can see everything from anyone I’ve connected to. And they’ve made it very easy to add to the content posted there. However, once it’s there, they’re making as difficult as possible to do anything with it. They forced IFTTT to cut out the triggers they had based on tweets, so I can’t automagically send things along from there. They’re making it pretty clear to app developers that they’re not welcome any more. 

I’m starting to think that the best social platform is this one. I own it. I can do what I want with what I post here. If I want to send it to Twitter, to Facebook, to the moon, it’s up to me. If I want to tie the pictures posted elsewhere back to here, I can. And then I can send them wherever I want from here, because it’s my content. 

I don’t have a problem with allowing these companies to make money off me. They provide a service, and I understand they need to be able to pay for their expenses. But don’t try and get all big brother on me and protect me from things I might find boring, or tell me what I can and can’t do with my words. That’s when I start to get motivated to find another way. 

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