Month: August 2010

What’s your 10 albums…

What’s your 10 albums while marooned on a desert island. Mine are: 1. Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend (preferably the legacy edition) 2. Orb – Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (UK 2-disc version) 3. Weezer’s blue album 4. Pet Shop Boys – Very/Relentless 5. Moxy Fruvous – Wood If I get 10, I’d probably see Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, Depeche Mode’s Violator, TMBG’s Lincoln, the White Album, and the KLF’s Chill Out.

Foursquare and Maps

Okay, so the folks at pointed out Weeplaces, which is a Foursquare visualizer. Pretty cool. My map looks like this (zoom out so you at least can see Worcester and Smithfield, otherwise it just pings all over the place off map):

Neil Kelly’s Foursquare by

I also just like looking at all my Foursquare checkins on a map sometimes – if you go to, you can get a KML version of your checkin locations. Copy that into a Google Maps search box and add “?count=500” (or adjust it to however many checkins you have) and it’ll display a Google Map with pushpins for each checkin.