Month: May 2010

Another Plan for Facebook

I’ve been thinking some more about Facebook. I spend a fair amount of time on their site but what do I really get out of it, especially that I can’t do elsewhere? I mean, I can post pictures to Flickr, status messages to Twitter, longer pieces here. A lot of what gets posted by my friends there is stuff that appears more important than it probably is.

I think what Facebook does well is connecting people. I’m thinking that if I can tie my other accounts back to Facebook, so that (as an example) when I post pictures to Flickr they automagically alert to Facebook. If I got that all set up, I would get the benefits of simplified sharing without having to actually log in to Facebook… and if I don’t log in to Facebook, I don’t get their cookie and they don’t track me all over creation.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing the next few days.