Month: February 2010

Music for February

Nothing new got added this month. The two songs I listened to the most were “Birdhouse In your Soul” by They Might Be Giants – partly because it’s on Grace’s playlist, so it tends to show up more frequently – and “The Underdog” by Spoon, which is just a great track. I think I actually first heard it at Ruby Tuesdays and never could figure out what it was. It wasn’t until we watched “I Love You Man” before I could identify the song and since then, it’s had a pretty steady spot on my playlists.

A few other surprises:
“Divine Hammer” by the Breeders, going back to my WMCR days.
“Barrel of A Gun” by Guster, which is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to uncover with this – a great song that I always liked but had forgotten about.
“Over the Rainbow” and “Leavong On A Jet Plane” by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. These are the other things I wanted to find – songs in my collection that I really never noticed before.
“Goonies Are Good Enough” by Cyndi Lauper. Really, this goes back to when Kelly & I saw her in Boston last year. I’m pretty sure she opened with this and it was another one of those forgotten songs – although this time, it was because it’s not on her Greatest Hits album.

Truth in Advertising

So we stopped at the gas station on the way home tonight. This was the Shell at the intersection of Northeast Cutoff and Rt 70. I’m pumping the gas and notice there’s a sign flapping around above the pumps. It’s for Lowes.


(Yes, horrible picture. It’s cold and rainy.) It says “We’re closer than you think.” and below that it gives a location – the intersection of I-495 and MA 62. Which is all well and good, except that the closest Lowes is less than a mile away in the opposite direction, at Lincoln Plaza.

Not only are they closer than we think, they’re apparently closer than they think either.

Totally stole this from…

Totally stole this from Kelly, but too cute to not pass it on. It’s a conversation she had with Grace while she was looking at pictures from The Princess and the Frog. Grace: Frogs can’t get married! Mommy: If two frogs love each other very much why can’t they get married? Grace: Because they don’t have watches.

Buzz, Twitter, Facebook

I see a lot of posts asking how to crosspost between all the various social networks – “How do I get Buzz posts to show up on my Facebook status?” “Can I make it so my MySpace updates when I put something on Twitter?”

You know what? I don’t want that. I have it set up so most of my stuff feeds back to here – that’s because I want one place to have everything. But think about it for a second – let’s say one of my friends has achieved this holy grail of everything gets updated simultaneously. I’m connected to them on Twitter, Facebook and Buzz. They post something… I get it three times. Moreover, I can’t necessarily stop following them on two feeds… how do I choose? Maybe the response I was interested will be from someone on a feed I opted out of.

So no, I’m not looking for a way to update everything at once. And I wish the rest of you would stop filling my inboxes with triplicate messages when you figure out how to do it.

Music for January

So something new here – going to try to remember to post what I’ve found in my music each month, both new additions (if any) and gems that iTunes dug up for me.

For January, I added a few new albums:

Raditude (Weezer)

To be honest, not their best effort. The first few songs are decent – “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” is catchy, the next few tracks are okay but kind of different from what I think of as Weezer songs (more pop, and I don’t necessarily mean that as a compliment). The rest of the album doesn’t stick out in my memory.

Sounds of the Universe (Depeche Mode)

I only bought it for “Wrong.” Don’t think I’ve listened to any of the rest of it yet.

Blown To Smithereens [Greatest Hits] (Smithereens)

This is one of those bands I forget I love, and then it comes up in a shiffle playlist and I go and listen to everything I have of theirs, most of which is “11”. Still, good to have in the collection.

The Best Of Warren Zevon

Had this as a cassette when I was younger. Not sure why I bought it then. This time, I know – aside from “Werewolves Of London”, there’s also “Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner” and “Excitable Boy.” Probably a bunch of others that as I hear them, I’ll be dredging up memories from 20 years ago.