Month: July 2009

Cleanup on aisle 9

Now that the highway stuff has been moved over to (at least, the stuff I’m still interested in), it’s time to purge the crud out of this site.

Gone are the posts about how I’m redesigning the site again…whether it’s the layout or how I’m working hard on doing something or other. No one cares about that. Right behind them are the uncommented links to other sites that came from If you want to know what sites I think are worth remembering, just go to Maybe at some point I’ll hack up some kind of RSS feed from there into a page here. It’ll only work occasionally, and I’ll forget it exists and it’ll lie there broken for 6 months. Which is fine because that’s about how often I post to (And yes, I’m aware Yahoo owns it and has taken away its dots. Don’t care.) And all the other posts that don’t really seem to matter to me two years later? Gone too.

What’s left is the kind of stuff I’ll post here in the future. It’ll still probably be about every 3 months (which is better) but you’ll see the stuff I do via the lifestream thing off to the right there. (And if someone can explain to me using small words how to get my Facebook updates & postings there, that would be awesome. I’m getting real annoyed with Facebook’s assertion of control over stuff I generate.)