End Stages of the content shift

The Mass Route Log move is complete – there shouldn’t be anything going on with the pages on neilbert.com anymore and they’ll probably go away in the coming weeks.

The photos have all been moved from Flickr into the new site – about half are up and tagged now and the other half should be done soon.

That really only leaves the exit lists, which I’m struggling to wrap my head around the CSS within the CMS and how to put tables in that don’t cause exit 47 to appear way out in the middle of nowhere. Funny thing is, I know they’re pretty outdated but they have a special place for me since that’s really where this whole site started. I might at least go through and clean them up a little after I struggle with the stylesheets.

Then, what’s going here? I plan to make neilbert.com about the things I think are interesting. Right now, I’m playing with twitter (@neil_), Facebook, LinkedIn and tying them all together so I can easily update them in combination or individually… then figure out why I would want to do that afterwards (right now, “because I can” is enough justification for me.) This will probably mean neilbert.com will be more a series of posts of whatever happens to interest me at the time, links to whatever I’m reading, bits of geekery I’m trying out, etc.

I still don’t know what to do with insurgia.com. Someday.

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