Interesting doings on the former employer front

So, of course, I’ve been keeping up (or trying to keep up) with what’s been going on with the remnants of The WANT ADvertiser.

First thing I found was a site claiming to be the new incarnation of The WANT ADvertiser but under a new name and look. It honestly looks like someone trying to take advantage of the situation by slapping up a craptastic quickie site. (And since I don’t think they actually bought the name from The WANT ADvertiser’s owners, I won’t link to them.) Suffice it to say, not using generic stock photos and… oh, I don’t know, maybe investing in a SPELL CHECKER? I know I’m not much of a typist but then again, I’m not trying to sell you something.

Much more interesting was what appeared in my search results today –, which came via an article in the T&G. The article indicates that there are 5 former Want Ad folks there – and in looking at the site, I’m pretty sure they do. There’s definitely a sameness to the look and feel. I wish them the best of luck.

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