Month: March 2007

Spring is here…

I know spring is here because I heard Meatloaf’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” on the radio

The really isn’t any other song that says ‘springtime’ better than that.

Niceness in software

I just was cleaning up my Applications folder and opened up Yojimbo, which I had stopped using once I realized I had DEVONthink Personal. It alerted me to the fact that my trial time had expired and had the usual options – buy a license, enter license information or quit.

What caught my eye, though, is that it also offered the option to export the data it had – so that if I needed to, I could quit and still have access to the data through another software package… rather than holding my data hostage.

So, while I don’t need Yojimbo, I’ll certainly keep Bare Bones Software towards the top of the list for other packages I might want.

More stuff on Mac

I had an a-ha moment today. I’ve been dabbling a little in Applescript – I had a need for a timestamp, so I wrote a small script that would create one and dump it into the clipboard. I set it to trigger off CMD-1 via Quicksilver, and now, if I do CMD-1, CMD-V I get a nice little time and date stamp pasted wherever the cursor is.

Then I started thinking. For work, every week I copy a bunch of files from where I work on them out to a shared folder on the network, then send an email to management saying “hey, they’re updated.” I then attach them to an email to send to one manager who doesn’t have access to the networked folder. I realized today that the entire process could be automated via Automator, linked to a Quicksilver trigger and *poof* the whole thing would be done.

This is the kind of stuff I was looking forward to doing on the Mac that I couldn’t do as easily on the Windows side.