The ol’ switcheroo (part II)

Of course, after I start talking about my switch, the folks at Lifehacker go ahead and do it better. They’re covering some different ground, though – I’m just sharing what I found that interests me. (And they write better, too.)
Another pair of programs that I really love are Entourage and Growl. Entourage is the Outlook replacement within Office 2004. For the most part, it covers the same functions – and since I lived in Outlook at work, I needed it to keep things moving there. However, what sold me on it was the Project Center. It allows me to keep everything – calendar, contacts, notes and emails – in one view for each project… while still keeping things in their “normal” locations.

Growl is another stop on the tour here. It’s neat because every application tries to let you know something is happening in a different way – a pop-up here, a bouncing icon there, some use sound and some don’t. Growl can be used to corral these notifications so that all applications (at least, all that are aware of it) use the same method.

As I keep playing and working, I’ll keep updating as to what else I’ve found that’s made my switch easier,

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