Another Search Ends…

I have a mental list of albums that I’m trying to find cheaply.

Earlier this year, I went to a used CD store here in Worcester (Jelly’s Discs, for those keeping score at home) and found two – Rave Til Dawn including Apotheosis’ “O Fortuna,” and Boris Grebenshikov’s “Radio Silence” – both were staples of my college days. I had them on cassette but couldn’t get CD copies before they disappeared from the market.

Today I walked in to Newbury Comics in the Solomon Pond Mall and found something new – Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend. One of my absolutel favorite albums. However, this was the new “Legacy Edition” which included a second disc of… “Good Frend: Another Take on ‘Girlfriend’.” We had this in our college station and someone stole it before I got a chance to. Basically, I’ve spent over 10 years looking for a copy, and now I have it.

Sure, it’s not the promo version from 1992. And sure, I could have picked any of these up on eBay. That’s not the point. I’d rather spend the time rooting through CD stores (used and new) and seeing what I can find, because sometimes I’ll find something else that’s really cool.

And for those who care, the rest of my list that I’m consciously looking for includes:
Pete Townsend, “The Iron Man”
The Bears, “The Bears”
The Bears, “Rise and Shine”
The Travelling Wilburys, “Volume 1”
The Travelling Wilburys, “Volume 3”

Update: Finally, the Travelling Wilburys discs were re-released and I picked them up.

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